1Parts is the global organisation founded by the Europe based AD International (with headquarters in Belgium) and the Grapevine (TX) US based National Pronto Association.


With focus on the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM) for parts, products and services, 1Parts builds a global members’ network of leading distributors.

1Parts fosters its members’ autonomy and efficiency and contributes to consolidating and strengthening their position in their own areas. It aims to accelerate its members’ development by supporting them to grow their market share and by fostering their profitability. 1Parts strives to harmonise its members’ product offering and to concentrate their purchases for a selection of product groups, suppliers and/or brands within the framework of global agreements with automotive parts manufacturers. It explores the possibilities of harmonising on global level complete, efficient and competitive business solutions including marketing programs aiming at building and increasing loyalty among the members’ customers. 1Parts identifies, exchanges and promotes the implementation of the best practices within its membership.

Board of Directors

Frank Garcia

Chairman of the Pronto Board
CEO XL Parts - Houston

e-mail: frank.garcia@xlparts.com

Yvan Domingue

Director at Large Pronto
VP Monaco Group

Email: ydomingue@monaco-group.ca

Robert Roos

President & CEO Pronto

e-mail: robert@pronto-net.com

Omer Wesemael

Managing Director ADI

e-mail: omer.wesemael@adi.be

Stéphane Antiglio

ADI President
CEO Autodis

Email: s-antiglio@a-d.fr

Thomas Vollmar

General Manager
Carat - Germany

Email: thomas.vollmar@carat-gruppe.de